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The comfort of using the kitchen

Products of the latest generation of kitchen appliances greatly improve the comfort of using the kitchen.

Not everything can be cooked on the electric stove, a head of lettuce will wither quickly in the refrigerator, and the dishwasher is beautiful and convenient - but it won't be as good as washing it by hand. Today, all these allegations are a thing of the past, because the producers of kitchen appliances in recent years have devoted a lot of attention to the improvement of the "classic" kitchen trio – cookers, refrigerators and dishwashers. They have become versatile devices, having little in common with their predecessors of the past decades. What they have in common is at best only a common name and a similar external appearance.

Contemporary kitchen, compared to its version from a few years ago, has been enriched with new functions. Today, ceramic hobs are almost standard equipment in electric cookers. The new hobs are very easy to maintain and durable. Thanks to the different heating systems used in them (e.g.. induction or halogen heating) heat dosing and cooking comfort are as good as gas cookers. Modern ovens are absolutely versatile. The most modern models can be heated from above and below, blowing hot air (especially for baking on different levels), grill with infrared heater and hot air circulation (for crispy crusts), adjustable grill for small and large surfaces, and a microwave integrated with the oven. Today's refrigerators are manufactured in versions designed for a wide variety of uses. They have three different temperature zones, which allows for optimal storage of all food products, from frozen foods to lettuce.