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How to plan home lighting?

How to plan home lighting?

Well-planned lighting largely contributes to creating a specific atmosphere in the apartment, and today you can choose from a very diverse range, both traditional, and modern, lighting fixtures.

One of the most popular types of lighting fixtures, apart from the lamp holder hanging on the cable, there is a lamp housing that is attached directly to the ceiling or wall. This luminaire is equipped with a mounting base, in which the bulb holder is mounted. The base is connected directly to an electrical circuit, and covers it from the outside, which are pleasant, diffused light. Such fixtures are perfect then, when additional background lighting is needed. Direct mount housings can be equipped with tungsten or fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps), and the light diffusion cover can be made of glass or plastic, it can be white or colored, smooth or decorative. Be careful with plastic covers, so as not to exceed the permissible power of the bulb (this information is located on the housing).
Another type of lighting is a spotlight. It is suitable for illuminating images, valuable items or even workplaces. Single spotlights for the wall or ceiling are available for sale, as well as sets of several headlights, mounted on one base. The so-called. frame lighting. It is a special frame with pre-assembled cables, to which adjustable lamps can be connected.
Outdoor lighting can be of three types: simple, lamps mounted directly in a partition housing, decorative, stylized lanterns and floodlights to illuminate the area. Always make sure before buying the lamp model of your choice, whether it is suitable for external use.

Certainly, it is not easy for a person who has not dealt with interior design before. It is certainly not the best idea to hang a single chandelier in the center of the ceiling. A bit out of time, not this fashion. Fortunately, now lighting manufacturers offer us such wonders, that nothing but to play with the light. But if we really want to achieve an amazing lighting effect, let's buy led strips. They are flexible, self-adhesive and provide almost unlimited possibilities of interior arrangement. And for traditionalists, I suggest buying classic ones, but energy-saving LEDs, which we can use to highlight recesses or a suspended ceiling. Lighting design is more fun and challenging than buying furniture.

Lighting the house and apartment is a very important element , chandeliers are of great importance here , bedside lamps and floor lamps giving a soft light with a warm color. Wall lamps play a helpful role in lighting , create a discreet and intimate atmosphere. Each house is a special place, which allows me to break away from my daily duties and problems. It is an oasis of relaxation and the most representative place in our home because of it, that we welcome guests there