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Architecture can be understood in two ways. Namely, as a science in the design and construction of construction works, and architecture, we will name the object or group of these buildings.

In addition, architecture can also be considered as technical science, who is interested in the history of the creation of an object. There are, of course, some guidelines, which are used for this purpose, to talk about an ideal architectural object. If such an object meets the three most important, namely the durability of, usability for beauty, according to Virtuoso, the building meets all the requirements. And it's worth adding, that such treaties were created even in the 1st century BEFORE OUR ERA.

Again Leone Battista Alberti, who suggested a golden division he considered, that each architectural object should be proportionate. At present, there are no such strict rules as to the assumptions for the construction of different. Although some architects are happy to draw inspiration from previous eras, that's what really matters now individualism. The most interesting objects can be viewed in highly developed countries, for example, in the United States, France, Germany, or the United Kingdom.

Although it is in almost all of Europe that, North Africa and Asia, you can see architectural objects from thousands of years ago. Especially in Rome and Greece, in ancient times you can see here the excellence of its architecture. Although not everything has survived to this day, many ruins are protected as a monument.