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Brick walls

Brick garden walls are made of stones combined with cement or lime mortar. Thanks to the use of mortars, greater strength and durability are achieved, therefore these walls can play the role of retaining walls. Embedded stones can be in the form of untreated or processed blocks with or without supporting surfaces and surfaces forming the facade. They can therefore be cuboid-shaped blocks, irregular and untreated broken stones or halved round stones of glacial origin.

When building masonry walls, you should not use ordinary bricks and stones with similar water absorption, because it may cause the wall to crumble during frost. When building masonry walls, the principle of such arrangement of stones also applies, to ensure that they are well intertwined. When creating an elevation, the size and proportions of adjacent planes should be taken into account.

Slots (welds) between the stones in the wall they create a characteristic pattern, therefore the way of filling them in should not be accidental. If the wall is made of light stone, the welds should form dark lines. A mortar specially darkened by adding soot can be used for this purpose. The joints can be filled to the elevation plane (flat joints), make them recessed (deep) or convex. The recessed joints are usually made by scratching the fresh mortar to a depth 2-3 cm. Thanks to the contrast of the shadow of the interior of the joints with the illuminated surface of the wall, a dark drawing is obtained, sharp lines.

joint-wallTypes of joints used in wall facades: a) i b) recessed, c) flat, c) convex.