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The choice of colors

The colors that surround us have an impact on our psyche, well-being, full rest. Therefore, e.g.. pure colors should not be used in rooms – staying in them longer is boring. Usually pure colors are used brightened with white and possibly neutralized with a small admixture of complementary colors, like for example. green to red.
Natural colors include white, pearl and gray. Rooms with them give the impression of being bright and wider (gray -only in light shades). They are especially suitable for interiors with more furniture, especially the dark ones, and also low insolation.
Pure white color gives the impression of coolness. This is easy to prevent, by adding a small amount of green or brown to it. In contrast, the addition of blue (ultramaryny) will emphasize whiteness; that is why ceilings are painted with such paint.
Yellow color, classified as warm, suitable for living rooms and other rooms with poor sunlight, similarly yellow with the addition of red. However, lemon is disadvantageous, muffling other colors, especially body colors.
After the red color, although classified as warm, should be used with extreme caution. Intensive shades and located on larger surfaces make the eyes tired and cause anxiety. If we want to apply it, it is only with the addition of a small amount of brown color. Under no circumstances should it be used to paint small rooms with poor lighting.
Orange is also not suitable for small rooms.
The color green is cheerful and reassuring, it should therefore be intended for recreation rooms and those, in which we spend most of our time. Shades of green, like aquamarine and olive, they are good in the dining room; turquoise – in the bathroom. Light aquamarine can be used in poorly sunny rooms.
Blue gives the impression of coolness, belongs to the cold colors. However, it has a calming effect and creates the impression of space, depth and lightness. That is why it is most often painted with it in bathrooms and kitchens. It is also suitable for very sunny rooms. This color is often lightened with white paint, by adding a yellow or black admixture.
The purple color gives the impression of gloom, affects the limitation of activity, depresses. Violet also reduces activity, which gives the impression of peace, seriousness, but also strangeness and coldness.
The color impression changes depending on the condition of the coating surface. The high gloss of the black surface gives it an elegant and refined appearance, instead of gloomy and mournful.
Residential interiors should be finished with such a set of colors, to encourage them to be in them. The choice of colors should be like this, that the individual elements are combined into a whole, and not, due to disharmony, forced him to shift his eyes frequently. Contrasting colors should not be used, such as e.g.. yellow with purple, blue with orange, green with red, etc..
The property of colors to create different impressions should be used in the selection of colors depending on the purpose of the room, its shape, size, height and insolation. Walls and ceilings should be all the brighter, the room is less sunny. Those located on the north side should be painted with warm colors, that make you feel light and cheerful, those from the south, sunlit, they can also be painted with colors that give the impression of coolness.
You can also use the phenomenon of optical changes in the size of the room due to the colors used. And so painting the shorter wall with darker colors visually brings it closer, making it longer. Ceilings of high rooms, painted with darker colors, give the impression of being lower, and vice versa.
The given rules for selecting colors are important, but the decision should always rest with the owner of the apartment. After all, he will live in this room, he was alive, worked, he was resting, was playing, etc.. To, what do you like, it is an individual matter. So it is difficult to advise unequivocally.