Construction services

Correct measuring of floor coverings

Only by accurately measuring the floor area, which is to be carpeted, PVC or parquet can be prevented from over- or under-purchasing of floor covering. Do not rely on the dimensions given in old and new construction plans. They often do not provide the actual dimensions of the floor surfaces, especially then, if (in the old building) walls do not form right angles, or when changes have occurred as a result of subsequent reconstruction.

For this reason, you have to measure each room yourself, When doing so, always take into account the window recesses, covered balconies and doors, because here too the carpet should be laid in one piece.

When in a large room several strips of carpet or PVC need to be arranged next to each other, first, draw a detailed layout plan on graph paper. All established floor dimensions and the dimensions of the individual strips should be entered here. You should pay attention to this, that when stucing carpets, the individual joints must have the same pile direction. When the leftover remains after cutting, it will be placed in the opposite direction of the fleece to the direction of other carpet stripes, this gives the impression of different surface colors. When ordering, it is good to add a few centimeters of reserve to each belt.

When patterned carpet in stripes is to be laid, pay attention to “report” weave, i.e.. on the correct combination of the pattern. The number of reports is calculated according to the following formula: length of the room divided by the length of reports = number of reports.

If there is a remainder in this calculation, it rounds it off. By multiplying the number of reports by the report length, the required strip length is obtained. If, when arranging several stripes, the pattern is to be shifted by half, when calculating the number of reports, one starts from the half of the report length. If the number of report halves is multiplied by half the report length, the belt length is obtained.

When laying the finished parquet, the results may be determined by the format of the parquet elements – unfavorable short boundary elements (below 30 cm) or too much waste. Proceed as follows for the cost-effective and cost-effective ordering of parquet elements:
Draw the scale again on the graph paper 1:10 exact, previously measured floor plan floor plan. Every necessary parquet element is placed on this drawing in a selected format (length and width) and in the planned direction of laying also in the scale 1:10.

Pay attention to this when laying the finished parquet on floor joists or ceiling joists, that the width of the insulation boards and the length of the parquet elements used depend on the spacing of the floor joists or beams. In order to precisely define individual dimensions, different colors are selected when drawing these building elements to the sketch.