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Detailed requirements for buildings and apartments

Detailed requirements, which buildings and rooms should comply with are specified in the "Building Law" and in the Regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure:

Residential buildings and these, in which there are rooms for people and buildings and devices that are burdensome for the environment, should be placed at such a distance from each other, to reduce or eliminate nuisance. Depending on the degree of nuisance of buildings and devices, they fall into four categories. The nuisance includes in particular:
— szkodliwe promieniowanie i oddziaływanie pól elektromagnetycznych,
— hałas i drgania (vibration),
— zanieczyszczenie powietrza,
— zanieczyszczenie gruntu i wód,
— powodzie i zalewanie wodami opadowymi,
— osuwiska gruntu, rock and snow avalanches,
— szkody spowodowane działalnością górniczą.

If these nuisances do not occur, building distances from the border with neighboring plots should be kept at least:
— dla budynków zwróconych w stronę granicy ścianą z otworami okiennymi lub drzwiowymi — 4 m,
— dla budynków zwróconych w stronę granicy ścianą bez otworów — 3 m.

Farthest from residential buildings - approx. 50 m, a nawet 100 m objects and devices of high nuisance are located.

The rules also include distances from the sports field, before school, pancakes with beaters, etc., in which multi-family residential and public buildings should be placed.

It is required that the rooms intended for the permanent stay of people should be lit with daylight. Window area ratio, counted in the light of the door frames, to the floor surface should be at least 1:8. In an apartment, at least one room should have an area of ​​not less than 16 m2.

The height of the living quarters in buildings should not be less than 2,5 m, while the rooms intended for work - 2,5 m (do 4 people) or 3,0 m (above 4 people). Rooms for work and other purposes, in which there are factors that are nuisance or harmful to health should be of a height not less than 3,3 m.

The minimum area of ​​ u200b u200bthe room for 1 persons should be no less than: 8,0 m2 in residential buildings and 6,0 m2 in workplaces.