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Durability of the structure

Buildings and building structures should, throughout the expected life under specified environmental conditions and with proper maintenance, correspond to the intended purpose.

Environmental conditions should be taken into account when determining the durability of building structures, to which the structure will be exposed, and the location of the structural element in the structure and the method of its protection against adverse factors.

For brick buildings, the environmental conditions are divided into five classes:

- Class 1: dry environment - interiors of residential and office buildings, as well as the inner layers of diaphragm walls that are not subject to moisture.

Caution: Grade 1 only applies then, when the wall or its components are not exposed to unfavorable environmental conditions for a long time during construction.

- Class 2: humid indoor environment or outdoor environment including elements in non-aggressive soil or water.

- Class 3: humid environment with frost and de-icing agents.

- Class 4: sea ​​water environment - elements completely or partially embedded in sea water, elements located in the splash zone or in the air saturated with salt.

- Class 5: chemically aggressive environment (gas, liquid or solid).

For concrete structures, reinforced concrete and prestressed classes of exposure depending on environmental conditions.