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A functional roof is an ornament to your home

roof shapeThe roof determines the shape of the building and gives it the appropriate appearance, acting as a showcase for the people who live there.

The roof shapes used today have their origins in the building tradition or are conditioned by weather conditions, e.g.. Half-hipped roofs are more common in rough mountainous areas, they find their justification, because they protect balconies and loggias. However, using the same roof in different regions and buildings with a different shape does not make much sense.

It is a fact, that architectural conditions and their symbols, which are, among others. roofs, have long lost their regional character. The aforementioned half-hip roof is nowadays often associated with a weekend house with a rural character, regardless of, where it was placed. Today, the decisive element is the imagination of the investor and designer. About what the future home should look like, the impressions of the holiday are often decisive, ideas taken from the media or attachment to certain favorite forms, who wants to keep, moving to another region of the country. However, this should be borne in mind, that striving at any cost to obtain the form of your dreams, Random selection of the shape of the roof and roof windows rarely contribute to the proper functionality of the roof.

Here are some tips for making significant savings while planning your home:
• a more extended eaves of the roof will provide a good cover of the terrace at much lower costs than, for example,. construction of a balcony,
• instead of one dormer, several roof windows can be installed,
• the cost is the same, and the benefit is much greater, because each of them provides the same amount of light as the dormer, the cost of building one square meter of a bay is almost twice as much as a square meter inside a house, therefore it is better to enlarge the basic dimensions of the house than to use more expensive extensions,
• you need to be aware of it, that all extensions and outbuildings increase not only the living space, but unfortunately also the surface of the walls, through which the heating energy escapes. A compact building is cheaper to build and operate than a house with bay windows, turrets and dormers,
• resigning from additions that increase the cost of construction, it is not necessary to renounce individual characteristics of the project. This can be done e.g.. choosing the right color of the roof covering, facade, window frames and many other elements.