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Garden water reservoirs

Water reservoirs are always very attractive elementaries of landscaping parks and any garden. Huge tanks . water plays a very important role in terms of utility and sanitation, and aesthetic. The utility value of garden water reservoirs may be different. They can be used to draw water for watering plants or to fight fires. They can be used for breeding fish or growing aquatic plants. Less commonly, garden tanks are used as bathing pools, practicing water sports, etc.. In winter, water reservoirs are often used as ice rinks.

Sanitary importance of water reservoirs, though often under-appreciated, it's very big especially there, where there is intensive development. It mainly consists in enriching the air with water vapor, regulating temperature fluctuations and precipitating various solid pollutants from the air in the form of dusts. The operation of various fountains and fountains spraying water is very effective in this respect. It is known that significant amounts of precipitated dust are deposited on the bottom of various reservoirs with fountains. In the close vicinity of larger water reservoirs, a pleasant microclimate is usually maintained, conducive to relaxation. Therefore, the shores of water reservoirs and the adjacent areas are the most valued places to rest.

The aesthetic importance of the reservoirs, and more precisely their water surfaces, is about it, that they create an atmosphere of peace and order, a by, the reflection of various elements of the reservoir's surroundings in the water increase their aesthetic and decorative effect.