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NCS natural color system

NCS color system (Natural Colour System) developed many years ago at the Scandinavian Color Institute in Stockholm for the Swedish Standardization Institute. In Poland, this system has been known for several years and – just like in other countries – is gaining more and more recognition.
It is based on the natural perception of colors by the human eye. As a pure person, he perceives six colors: white, black, yellow, red, blue and green. These are elementary colors. All the others share a varying degree of similarity to them.
Taking into account the relationship between the yellow colors, Red, blue and green, and white and black, a three-dimensional model was created that defines the perception of each color, the so-called. a block of colors. Each color is defined by its position in relation to everyone else.
In the basic set of the system is defined 1750 colors. However, this does not mean closing it, because it is possible to create any other color. Designers, For investors and contractors, the system helps to clearly define the colors and enables the exact reproduction of the selected shade.
The Beckers Vision color matching system was created on the basis of the NCS system. It is based on base paints, to which it is added 14 the so-called. colorants. According to him, mixers with a Midi dispenser work. Every large Alcro-Beckers store is equipped with such a device. You can get any color of paint there, on the basis of the provided pattern or color sample.
The proportions of the dyes, needed to obtain the color specified in the NCS system, determines a special computer program. They are dosed by a dispenser, then the paint can goes to the mixing device, in which the whole is thoroughly mixed.
These kits ensure full color repeatability.
Several thousand colors can be obtained in a Midi device. In another simple device, semi-automatic Mini, two thousand of them can be obtained.