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Types of garden water reservoirs

Garden water reservoirs can be divided into two main types: natural and artificial. The reservoirs are considered natural, which were created in natural depressions of the terrain with a water-impermeable surface. These tanks usually have devices that keep the water up and allow it to be released. Used to fill them with water may come from: natural or artificial sources. Natural reservoirs fed with water from natural sources usually have flowing water. The amount of inflowing and flowing water may vary and depends most often on the amount of rainfall.
Artificial reservoirs are created in any place by appropriate shaping of the banks and the bottom. Their bottom should be artificially sealed. These tanks are usually filled with water from artificial sources.
Strict separation of natural and artificial reservoirs is sometimes difficult, because many natural reservoirs require certain adaptations and devices to facilitate their maintenance. For example. the bottoms of natural reservoirs are strengthened with various types of aggregate, paving or slabs to facilitate periodic cleaning and maintenance.