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Varieties of frame and transom walls

Varieties of frame and transom walls

tmp129e-1Wall with beam frame 164×80 mm with thermal insulation of wool thickness 160 mm – on the waterproof plywood sheathing, additional insulation is made of corrugated polystyrene boards finished with the light-wet method”.

tmp129e-3Skeleton of beams 140 x 80 mm thick with thermal insulation 140 mm – on a waterproof plywood sheathing 13 mm, hardened polyurethane foam is applied 25 mm and the facade is finished with clinker tiles on adhesive mortar and wooden boards imitating the division of half-timbered walls.

tmp129e-5Wall with beam frame 145×80 mm filled with mineral wool and covered with plywood 10 mm with a windproof bituminous coating - from the interior side, additional wooden battens under plasterboards create a gap filled with mineral wool of thickness 50 mm.

tmp129e-7Finishing of the facade of a skeleton and transom wall made of vertical boards.