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Ways of making stairs in the garden, part 3

On the other hand, the landings separating the flights of monolithic stairs should not be structurally connected with them, that is, between the surface of each landing, and the construction of the runs should always be an expansion joint. The upper surface of the monolithic flight is step-shaped, the lower surface is flat, which could cause the course to slide along the bottom of the trench. To prevent this from happening, the lowest part of the monolith rests on a vertical foundation, which should be recessed on 40-80 cm in the ground, depending on its permeability. The steps of the monolithic concrete run may have a different surface area. Leaving the raw, smoothed concrete out is not aesthetically satisfactory, therefore, quite often a thin layer of aggregate on a cement mortar is applied to its surface, this surface is covered with slabs of natural stone or various artificial stones. Such boards are most often placed with 1 – 2 -centimeter extension, thanks to which the desired overhang is created on the steps. The boards are placed on the concrete surface on a cement mortar. If the stairs are lined with stringers, they should also be covered with sheets of the same material.
If the stairs are built without cheeks, very, it is important to choose a variety of carpet and turf plants, which will form the cladding of the stairs. Properly selected, compact low vegetation emphasizes the garden character of the stairs. The slope surface adjacent to such stairs should be taili shaped, that it is not possible to drain water from the slope onto the stairs. However, water should flow freely from steps and landings to the shoulders of the stairs. If the stairs are of considerable size and large area, the amount of water running off can be very large, and moving it to the shoulder may cause soil flushing from the surface of the slope. In such cases, it is necessary to build special reinforced gutters on the sides of the stairs, appropriate collecting chambers or a water intake and its discharge through underground pipes to the sewage system.

If the flight of stairs is at an angle to the slope of the ground, then its side edge from the bottom side should be welcomed based on the foundation reaching to the well-stabilized ground layer.

Monolithic stairs can be made on site, by preparing appropriate formwork for this purpose. Such stairs are also made of prefabricated elements intended to be laid on a properly prepared base or foundation, oo depends on the slope of the terrain, soil quality, etc.. Such prefabricates usually have several steps with a treated and finished surface.

tmp2092-1tmp3361-1Technical and working project of garden stairs: a) situational plan, b) cross section through the run, c) cross-section through the landing