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Where in the bathroom there is a suitable place for the washbasin?

Where in the bathroom there is a suitable place for the washbasin?

Known, that nowadays bathroom washbasins impress with their design. But when planning a bathroom decor, you should also remember about its ergonomic location. Squeak what you advise in this matter.

It depends on the shape and size of the bathroom. It is known that it also depends on the plumbing to hide the pipes. You can also hang the washbasin on the rack. We have various countertop washbasins, recessed into the table top, in a small bathroom, you can install a corner washbasin to save space.

Usually we buy a ready-made house or apartment project, where we already have the installation under the wash basin ready and we are unlikely to change it. It would be good, as if there was a place for a mirror above the sink, it is probably the basis. Personally, I have not come across the rules for placing sinks. But on the web you can see where the washbasins are installed in many interesting arrangements.

We know why we go to the bathroom most often, so access to this kind of equipment must be easy. I am in favor of a classic solution. In the center, in the central part of the bathroom. And whether or not countertop washbasins, podblatowe, hanging, whether standing it depends on your taste. Huge selection.