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How to arrange a bathroom for the disabled?

How to arrange a bathroom for the disabled?

The user rides in a wheelchair, how to design a bathroom for her?

It is recommended that, that the maneuvering surface for the trolley is within a circle with a minimum diameter 150 cm. The sink in the bathroom for a disabled person should be hung like this, that the bottom is above the knee of the person sitting in the wheelchair. A practical solution is also a toilet seat with a bidet function. The device mounted on the toilet bowl has temperature and water pressure regulation, drying function with air temperature control.

Go out in the field and see in public facilities what such bathrooms for the disabled look like, adapt the solutions to the specific needs you need and it will be functional and practical.

There are also built-in frames adapted under the toilet for the disabled, which in their frame have space for a solid mounting of handles, and all this can be hidden in the building and aesthetic. Therefore, such a bathroom at home does not have to remind us of the public ones.