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Leveling wooden floors with liquid putty

In fact, old wood floors are too beautiful to be covered with other carpets. Also then, when they became uninteresting, their beauty can be recreated in most cases by sanding a floor grinder. However, if it was decided to complete renovation with carpet or parquet flooring, wooden floors can be covered with a flat level almost effortlessly by applying a self-flowing leveling compound, a smooth and hard wear layer, on which the carpets are then laid:

First, rigid foam edge strips are positioned around the floor.
The floor is primed with a wood primer, recommended by the manufacturer of the liquid putty.
In order that the liquid putty does not flow into the gaps between the floor boards and has an appropriate consistency in the plane, it should be attached to the floor with a special fabric. The stripes of this fabric should overlap in width at least 5 cm.
The self-flowing putty is prepared by the manufacturer as ready, dry mortar. It just needs to be made with water. The mixing ratio specified by the manufacturer must be adhered to here.
The putty is poured from the bucket onto the floor.
Its spreading is assisted by a smoothing trowel.
You must work with belts, starting with the part of the floor furthest from the door and then towards the door, pouring part of the putty on the floor.
It is important to spread with a smoothing trowel. You really need to work quickly. The hardening time of the putty is less than half an hour. When earning, vigorous help from another person is advisable.
Finally, a flat surface was obtained, where all floor coverings can be laid after three days of waiting.