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Professional carpet cutting

You have to learn how to professionally cut carpet. Not all textile floor coverings are cut “from the top”, so from the front side.

Whether the cut for the seam should be made from the fleece side, or whether the back side of the floor covering depends on the type of goods or the properties of the back. Carpet coverings with a foam back or with a second textile layer are best cut from the pile side, while latexed carpeting “tuftingowe” and interwoven, it is cut from the back side. Not suitable for cutting, woven rugs eventually fail to cut at the seams at all.
Experienced stackers recommend a single-layer cut (with the exception of needled pile coverings). If at the same time you can cut in the path of the fleece – the cleanest cut edges and groove locations are created. A cut in the fleece path also prevents the cut and fraying of the fleece. It should be cut by hand, holding the cut belt firmly, so that there is no hump in front of the knife.
Also, the overlap cut can be done by hand. However, for patterned goods that can be cut, it is better to use a ruler (thin steel rail) along which the knife is led.
Once the carpet is in its final position, so after cutting the edges of the seams and carefully arranging the stripes next to each other, it is cut with a hook knife between the walls and the floor.

The carpet knives are extremely sharp and are almost always guided towards the body for precise guidance. Because when cutting, you generally kneel on the carpet, to avoid injuries it is important to keep enough distance to the knee. At the same time, the other hand, which holds the cladding, should always be behind the knife's cutting line.