Construction services

Removal of old coatings

Preparation of the substrate very often requires the removal of old paint coatings or wallpapers. The latter detaches quickly and effectively after being soaked in water. All wallpapers have a paper backing layer. In single-layer ones, it forms a homogeneous whole with the outer surface.
Soaking the paper layer dissolves the glue and makes it possible to detach the wallpaper from the wall. To achieve it, with a roller or brush, apply several times to the wallpaper with clean water or a solution of a special preparation, to facilitate its removal. We will make our work easier, especially for wallpaper with a moisture-resistant top layer, if the surface layer is scratched well with a wire brush or a special roller device. Water can easily penetrate the bottom layer through the scratches. Remove the well-soaked wallpaper with a spatula.
Then wash the wall with soapy water and putty. Similarly, soaking with water and scraping with a spatula, we remove old glue and lime paints. Then we wash the wall and putty.
The old varnish coat on paneling or joinery is the most problematic. We can break it in one of three ways.
If it is applied to a large flat surface, then we can sand it with an electric grinder ,e.g.. oscillating, rotary or belt. You can also cover the old coating with one of the paint strippers. These caustic agents cause the coating to loosen and it is easy to scrape it off with a spatula or scraper. After applying the preparation, the surface is covered with foil. This will speed up the shell bloat.
The third method is the most effective: flaming the coating with a stream of hot air, at a temperature of 400-600 ° C, from an electric blower. It causes the coating to expand; it is easy to scrape off with a spatula or a manual scraper. After this treatment, same as the previous ones, the surface must be sanded and possibly leveled.