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What influences the quality of single-lever mixers?

What influences the quality of single-lever mixers?

What should you pay attention to? What are the most important elements to buy the best quality in relation to the best price.

The most important element is the head, which controls the flow of water. Ceramic heads, they are extremely durable, failure-free and resistant to deformation and fatigue. As far as I know, Roca single-lever mixers are equipped with such heads, like not all of them are the majority. As for me, the best value for money.

I have a simple and proven way to do it, maybe a little funny but effective. I pick up the battery and study the weight of the battery, the heavier the better. Taking Chinese food and batteries from a well-known manufacturer ,we feel the difference immediately.

As for me, a single-lever mixer should have the best ceramic mixer. It should be chrome-plated with an electrolytic method because it supposedly gives a longer guarantee of brilliance, resistance to scratching and discoloration. And my deduction, the longer the warranty, the more the product gives us hope, that the product is of high quality, but here I can be wrong.