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Which wallpaper tools to choose?

Which wallpaper tools to choose?

I need wallpapering and buying all the necessary equipment, someone will advise what to buy?

If we want to cover the walls with wallpaper, regardless of their type, it is worth investing in the right tools. Not only will I make our work easier, but also the end result will be much better.
The first step before wallpapering is to draw a vertical line for the first sheet of wallpaper. It is not advisable to mark the plumb in the corner of the room. The first sheet on each wall should be glued along a vertical line – a sinker on a string.
When we cut the first sheet of wallpaper to the desired length, we can start applying glue. A folding table comes in handy for this, a bucket for mixing the glue and a brush for its application.

Smoothing the wallpaper
Most wallpapers, except washable and vinyl ones, must be smoothed with a wallpaper brush. It has a wide wooden handle with long bristles .
The bristles gently press the wallpaper against the wall, especially in corners and curves without stretching and tearing it. When gluing waterproof and vinyl wallpapers, we can use a sponge for this purpose.

Trimming tools
Wallpaper trimming is best done with special scissors. They have elongated blades, which makes cutting in a straight line easier. You can also use an upholstery knife or a sharp pocket knife along with a long line (try on) or a straight strip.
A weld roller is a very useful tool, which will help us tighten the joints of the wallpaper sheets. We use spatulas of various widths to remove and tear wallpapers, and a steamer for removing wallpaper.