Wooden frame structure with a ground floor

tmpf9bd-2The ground floor of the building has a wooden frame structure with the floor on the ground.

In a frame building with a floor on the ground, the floor slab is made of lean concrete between the previously made foundation walls.

The width of the foundation wall support depends on the bearing capacity of the soil and the transferred loads. The sand bed layer should be high enough, so that the top of the floorboard is around 30 cm above the ground. The waterproofing of the floor slab should be made of two layers of bituminous felt, spread over the entire surface of the building with a turn onto the foundation walls. At the junction of the floor slab and foundation walls, it is recommended to make the so-called. compensatory folds, anti-shear waterproofing by the floor slab that settles independently of the foundation walls.

A building with a wooden frame structure with a clinker curtain wall and a ground floor.