Developer ABC – town hall

A developer without good contact with the city hall may run into debt.

Municipal office (in cities, a city hall or a municipal office) is an organizational unit of communes. The subject of the office's activity is supporting activities 1. Mayor, 2. The mayor, 3. Mayor of the city, w, as we find out from reliable sources: “in terms of planned implementation of the resolutions of the commune council (city ​​council, city ​​council) and tasks of the commune (cities)”.

The composition of the office consists of departments and equivalent organizational units as well as independent organizational units. The structure of the organization and the set of rules for the functioning of the office are to be defined by the regulations issued by the commune head, the mayor or city president by ordinance.

The head of the office is the mayor, mayor or city president. The city office with poviat rights is to perform the functions of the poviat starosty, while the combined administration in a city with poviat rights is 1. City Hall, 2. Poviat Labor Office, being an organizational unit of the city, 3. Organizational units constituting an auxiliary apparatus for managers of municipal services, guard and inspection.