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Ready parquet

Whereas traditional parquet is laid in single bars or tiles, and only then is it sanded and preserved, finished parquet has this advantage, that it can be laid in large pieces and does not require any surface treatment. The elements of the finished parquet are there (wg DIN 280) done “industrially and finished (e.g.. with preserved varnishes made of synthetic resins) wooden floor elements, wooden materials or other construction materials, whose surface is wood, which do not require any additional processing after assembly (e.g.. further maintenance)”.

The finished parquet is always made of different layers of wood, stuck together. The individual layers are at right angles to each other with respect to their grain pattern. In results of that “stiffening” components remain extremely stable. This is a great advantage when laying: The finished parquet elements can thus be laid in relatively large floating tiles, so without a permanent connection to the ground, as well as glued to the ground or nailed to the floor joists.
The elements are provided with a groove and a groove around. The shape stability and high dimensional accuracy guarantee the exact joining of the individual boards.

Ready parquet can be laid anywhere. Due to the stable structure, the elements can be made so thin, that joining with other floor coverings is trouble-free. The trade offers ready-made parquet elements in various arrangement patterns. You can choose between patterns: ship floor, chessboard, braided and finished parquet with a wooden cube surface. Finished parquet can in principle be obtained in two different formats: square and rectangular tiles. The dimensions of these plates vary depending on the manufacturer: square plates are usually supplied with thicknesses in between 10 i 26 mm and side lengths from 200 do 650 mm, “boards” rectangular in thickness 10-24 mm, with a width between 117 i 200 mm and lengths from 233 do 3640 mm.

The elements of the finished parquet are put together in cardboard or foil packages, in handy units that meet the requirements of transport. On delivery, they should have a moisture content in accordance with DIN regulations 8 ± 2%.

Before deciding to purchase ready-made parquet elements, clarify the issue of laying on the existing or newly constructed substrate. Floating arrangement, in which the elements are glued together by means of tongues and splines, suitable for all existing thermally insulated substrates (with carpet coverings, stone ones, wooden or plastic). On screeds and dry ones, bottom constructions (chipboard, gypsum fiber boards, bitumen-fibreboards) the finished parquet is laid, also floating. For this type of arrangement you should choose “thin” finished parquet elements (from 10 mm).

To be placed on floor joists, on raw concrete steps, simply supported elements with a thickness of 20 mm.