Construction services

Insulation of the floor on the ground – Expanded clay

Insulation of the floor on the ground – After removing the top layer of humus, the floor is bedded with mechanically compacted expanded clay of the fraction 10-20 mm in layer thickness 20-25 cm. Compaction reduces the thickness of the expanded clay layer by approx 10 %. In the case of soil with high humidity, a polyethylene film should be placed under the expanded clay bedding. The construction of the LECA substrate under the floor slab on the ground saves time and costs compared to traditionally used solutions. One layer of expanded clay replaces three other layers – sand bed, lean concrete and polystyrene or mineral wool insulation.

Instead of the expanded clay bedding under the floor slab on the ground, you can also use a ready-made expanded clay block.

The exterior walls of the building – The wall blocks have a shaped tongue and groove, which enable bricklaying of walls without vertical joints. It is recommended to use bar reinforcement ∅ 3 do ∅ 4 mm in horizontal joints, especially under window openings.