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Most garden surfaces, and above all, road surfaces require special elements to be placed on their edges, known as curbs or borders.

The most important tasks of these pavement elements are as follows:
— wzmacnianie mechaniczne brzegu nawierzchni,
— utrudnianie schodzenia lub zjeżdżania z dragi,
— umożliwienie zbierania lub odprowadzania wód opadowych,
— wyznaczanie brzegu i linii drogi,
— utrudnianie zarastania drogi przez rośliny rosnące obok niej. Mechanical strengthening is required for surfaces intended for road traffic, curbs are usually positioned above the plane of the pavement, which prevents vehicles from driving to the side of the road. Such reinforcement is also required by the discussed unimproved hard surfaces, depending on the method of water supply, the curbs may or may not protrude above the surface.

Descending from the ground in places, where it is undesirable, can be made more difficult by projecting the curb significantly above the road. In places particularly exposed to trampling, the edges of the pavement are built as low walls, allowing you to sit down. Taicie walls can have a very decorative appearance, if they are built ,from specially treated concrete or natural stone.

In order to drain rainwater, it is enough to slide the curb on 3-4 cm above the ground.

The demarcation of the shore and lines requires, first of all, roads with soil surfaces, as well as gravel and crushed stone surfaces. On such roads, the curb prevents loose materials from escaping the edge and facilitates leveling and maintenance of the surface.

Ground surfaces, gravel and crushed stone quite easily overgrow from the outside with various undesirable plants. On such roads, the curb is an element that prevents weed infestation on the surface.