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Restrictions on the use of plaster wall systems:

tmpc14-1Solution of the window opening in the wall made of gypsum-styrofoam system elements.

Restrictions on the use of plaster wall systems:
• Due to the low strength, plaster can be used to build buildings up to heights 3-4 storeys. Gypsum wall systems are used primarily in single-family houses and such, in which there are no high acoustic requirements (e.g.. plaster cannot be used to build single-layer partition walls).
• Plaster must not be used in wet rooms (laundries, shower cabins, sauna) without adequate protection against water.
• Walls made of gypsum blocks are made on foundation walls that extend above the ground to the height 50 cm, with horizontal damp insulation. Foundation walls and basement walls must be made of other materials, e.g.. made of concrete, bricks, e.t.c.
• In construction solutions, the corrosive effect of gypsum on steel elements must be taken into account, which should be secured with an additional paint coating.
• Due to the high hygroscopicity of gypsum, it is recommended to cover walls made of gypsum blocks with wide roof eaves. The surfaces of external walls exposed to weather conditions are protected with 2% Ahydrosil-K aqueous solution which causes, that the wall does not absorb moisture from the outside, and it is easily permeable to water vapor from the side of the rooms. To finish the facade, plasters made of silicon-organic mortars and hydrophobic paints are used.