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Solution of the window opening in the wall made of polystyrene fittings

tmpc326-1Solution of a window opening in a wall made of polystyrene shapes acting as permanent formwork.

Walls built in the insulation and formwork system of polystyrene shapes are thick 25, 30, 40 or 45 cm. In all cases, the thickness of the concrete core is 15 cm. During the construction phase, the wall elements form the formwork for the concrete, and after binding, double-sided thermal insulation. A concrete box of high stiffness is created in this way, which is of particular importance in the case of weak soils or in areas of mining exploitation.

The construction system made of polystyrene shapes consists of a wide range of elements, which enable any shape of the walls and ensure continuity of thermal insulation of the wall, eliminating the occurrence of thermal bridges.

The system can also be used to build basement walls and foundation walls. In this case, the same as in traditional technologies, horizontal and vertical waterproofing should be made.