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Gluing floor coverings with glue, to take them off again

In many cases, it is also intended to install carpet in rented apartments, in which the landlord explicitly requests, that the floor covering is removed again when moving house and that no damage remains on the floor.
Normal solvent adhesives made of synthetic resins or dispersion adhesives made of synthetic resins are not suitable for this., because they penetrate deeply into the surface of the substrate and can only be removed with great difficulty.
A very easy to remove method of sticking is to use double-sided adhesive tape. However, if the room is very large, the floor covering is particularly exposed to wear or is not suitable for fixing with double-sided adhesive tape, as an alternative there is the so-called. adhesive that allows you to remove the carpet again (“WA adhesives”).
These adhesives have this advantage, that they themselves and the carpets fixed with them (there is no mention of “gluing”) can be easily removed from the substrate again. Most often, however, the floor covering is not suitable for further use after that.

Pay attention to this when buying adhesives for re-carpet removal, that they are solvent-free and can be loaded with rollers of movable chairs or armchairs. Not all “WA” exhibit these properties.

Less absorbent substrates are required to fix carpets with removable adhesives. Cement screeds must be smoothed beforehand, and absorbent substrates must be primed with a suitable agent. Before applying the adhesive, the primer must be completely dry. Before the carpet is laid to 1-2 day-to-day adaptation to the room climate, the substrate must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

The carpet is folded out completely in the room and all edges adjacent to the surrounding walls are cut with a hook blade. Rugs do not
has been allowed to move since then. The carpet should be rolled up to about half.
Ready-to-use glue is picked up with a roller from the container and evenly thinly applied to the substrate according to the glue manufacturer's instructions.
The carpet is cut to size “developed” on the adhesive substrate and first lapped well at the edges. Possible air bubbles with subsequent lapping throughout, the predetermined surface are squeezed out towards the still rolled up side of the carpet.
Now folds the second half of the floor covering, applies glue to the free zone of the floor and unfolds the carpet into the adhesive backing as before. As the adhesive hardens, you can adjust the position of the strips in the edge zones and seams. Use rubbing wood to squeeze out any air bubbles towards the edges, and then weight any seams with a board, on which more heavy objects are placed.
With a later, Be very careful when removing the carpet again, The liner removable adhesives have a high shear strength, but low peel strength. The carpet is lifted up at one point in the edge area and then pulled slowly and flat over the floor. If the glue breaks in one place, an attempt is made to remove the carpet from another side. You can help yourself with the putty.
In many cases, adhesive residues remain on the floor. They are softened for a long time with water and a detergent.
Final, complete removal of the glue should not be a problem when properly handling the putty.