Construction services

A system for building walls from expanded clay blocks

The construction system based on expanded clay consists of the following construction products:

• LECA in bulk fractions 10-20 mm, used as a ballast under the floor slab and as a backfill to foundation walls, which reduces the pressure of the charge on the foundation walls around the building and prevents them from freezing.

• Foundation blocks made of a mixture of LECA fraction 0-10 mm, sand and cement.

• LECA blocks with a width 36,5 cm made of a mixture of fraction expanded clay 4-10 mm and cement, intended for the erection of external walls up to a height 3 storeys.

• LECA blocks for the construction of partition walls.

• Width U-fittings 36,5 cm, acting as permanent formwork for making window and door lintels.

• Ceiling blocks for Teriva-type rib-and-slab ceilings (span of ceilings to 7,2 m).

• Hollow blocks of chimney systems with and without a ventilation duct, and multi-duct air blocks.