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The volumes of the ventilation air streams

full ventilationFull brick masonry ventilation system.

The volumes of the ventilation air streams to be discharged:

• Kitchen with an outside window, equipped with a gas or coal cooker- 70 m³/h.

• A kitchen without an external window equipped with a gas cooker should have mechanical exhaust ventilation – the removed air stream should be 70 m³/h.

• Kitchen equipped with an electric cooker- 50 m³/h.

• Bathrooms with or without toilet - 50m³ / h.

• Separate wc-30 m³ / h.

• Dressing room or other auxiliary room – without window -15 m³/h.

• Basement – 0,3 changes per hour, laundry – two changes per hour, dryer - one change per hour.