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Roof tile types

There are two types of roof tiles – overlap and sliding tiles.

• Dachówki przesuwne mają tylko jeden zamek boczny i umożliwiają regulację rozstawu łat wielkością zakładu. This allows you to adjust the length of the covering to the specific size of the rafters. Sliding tiles are recommended for use in roof renovation, in which the dimensions of the roof truss cannot be changed. Sliding tiles should be laid with an overlap of the width depending on the slope of the roof slope. Wrong selection of the plant size causes the risk of easy penetration of the cover by rain and snow. This is especially true for low-pitched roofs.

• Dachówki zakładkowe posiadają specjalne zamki boczne i czołowe, which regulate the phenomenon of the so-called. blowing and draining water from precipitation. Overlapping tiles are more difficult to place on a finished roof than sliding tiles, because they require adjusting the length of the rafters to the multiple of the batten spacing for a specific tile model.