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Which wood saw to choose and what to pay attention to when buying?

Which wood saw to choose and what to pay attention to when buying?

Each DIY enthusiast's toolbox should include several types of saws for woodworking, that can be used for a variety of tasks, e.g.. straight cut, cutting complex curves or holes.
Most of the carpentry work performed by DIY enthusiasts is based on a simple hand saw cut, and there are several types of hand saw for sale.. The most universal and most commonly used are the flap and the spine.

Saw blades
The petals are thin, flexible saw blade and are used to cut large sheets (hence the name of the saw), chipboard sheets, hardwood, plywood and solid wood into smaller pieces, which are then used to build cabinets, drawer bottoms, etc..
A typical flap saw has a length 56 cm, a w 1 cm of the length of the saw blade fit 4 in order to.
The rip fence is larger than the standard ripper. W 1 cm of the length of the saw blade fit 1,5-2,5 The tooth is used to cut thicker pieces of wood along the grain.

Back saws
The saw backs are easy to recognize, because the back of the saw blade has a steel or brass reinforcement, which stiffens the saw along its entire length, what causes,This saw is suitable for very precise cuts. It is mainly used for cutting various types of slats, e.g.. slats on picture frames.
The most useful variety of the saw, the ridge is a tenon saw, t|related. ridge-tenon. It is made small, precise longitudinal cuts| and across the fibers – usually to make tenon joints of wooden elements. The length of the saw is approx 25 do 30 cm, and the tooth density is about 5 1 cm. There are also smaller saws of this type called espagnolette or espagnolette. They have thinner and narrower blades, they are more densely toothed – ok. 8 teeth on 1 cm and are used to perform even more precise work.
Another saw, which looks a bit like a ridge in use, but there is no reinforcement on the ridge, this is a saw designed to cut floorboards. The semi-circular shape of the blade allows you to cut boards without damaging the adjacent boards.

Frame saws
A frame saw is used to manually cut out curves in wood. Narrow and flexible saw blade, mounted in a rigid frame, allows you to cut holes and other internal cuts in the wood.
The most useful saw of this type is a jigsaw (laubzega). The saw blade is approx. 20 cm and is stretched over a metal C-shaped arm. There is a handle at the end of the frame. The saw blade of this saw should be replaced when dull or broken. Usually it is attached like this, with the teeth facing the handle, you can also, if necessary, put it on the other way round.
Trichinella is very similar, but its blade is thinner and shorter, a metal frame, on which he is tense, deeper bent.
The hole saw, on the other hand, is used to cut holes. It has a stiffer blade. It is best to start cutting in a hole with an already drilled drill and continue close to the marked cutting line.