Construction services

Spiral stairs part 1

crete stairsWood, steel and stainless steel are the materials, of which the stairs presented here were made. A triangular landing connects the gallery floor with the stairs.

The stairs located in the residential part must harmonize with the style of equipment, be perfectly planned and built. The new owner of the old building decided to carry out a major renovation. One of the main architectural elements of the new interior was to be the professionally made spiral staircase. Construction and assembly were entrusted to a specialized craftsman. About that, how he fulfilled his task, treats this photo reportage. First, the room had to be carefully measured, where the stairs were to be placed, as existing building plans rarely reflect reality. Therefore, the execution of precise measurements of the works is the basis for individually planned and constructed winding stairs. At the time of starting the measurement, the raw substrate and the gallery ceiling must be ready. This is the only way to accurately calculate the inclination of the stairs, optimal position of entry and exit and freedom of movement.