Rambud – Tiling

construction services Bielsko BiałaFirma budowlana REMBUD, specializes in renovation of flats and houses.
We offer a very wide range of renovation and construction services.
We specialize in tiling. We have 20 years of experience (work in Germany and Italy).…

Prefabricated chimney systems

fuel chimney constantlyChimney for solid fuels, where the exhaust gas temperature is 200-600 ° C.

Modern prefabricated chimney systems meet strict requirements in terms of technical parameters and operational safety. They are resistant to high temperatures …

Stair and full ventilation

deficitA staircase arrangement of exhaust ventilation ducts, made of prefabricated brick.

Stepped ventilation consists in adding ventilation ducts at the level of the ventilated storey next to ventilation ducts running from the lower floors of the building. Taki system wentylacji