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Cleaning services

cleaning services BielskoWe offer office cleaning, cleaning for companies, office building cleaning services, window cleaning, extraction cleaning, dry carpet flooring, cleaning verticals, blinds, vertical blinds, protective coatings (acrylic) for marble and PVC, cleaning the area around the building, cleaning of non-standard rooms, chores, cleaning of open areas, gardens.
We provide cleaning services based on our machines and cleaning agents of the highest quality. We achieve the highest efficiency by carrying out all cleaning works in accordance with the adopted arrangements, so that our presence in your area will not disturb your work rhythm.
Our offer of services includes standard works related to everyday interior cleaning, which include, among others:
– vacuuming furniture, window sills, shelves, benches, phones, computers etc.,
– keeping the kitchen corner clean,
– keeping toilets clean – washing tiled walls, sinks, toilets etc.,
– comprehensive supply of toilets with hygiene products,
– floor cleaning, stairs, vacuuming carpets,
– cleaning glass surfaces (door, showcases, mirrors),We suggest cleaning carpets in managers' offices at least once a year.
Our company's offer also includes a number of specialized services. We count among them:
– Window cleaning,
– Extraction or dry cleaning of carpets,
– Cleaning verticals, blinds, vertical blinds,
– Protective coatings (acrylic) for marble and PVC,
– Cleaning the area around the building,
– Other cleaning work.
The scope of the work ordered to us can be freely selected from among all the services we provide. We are happy to help you choose them, guided by your individual needs.