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Natural stones

Natural stones.

Stones are obtained from rock deposits. The use of stones in construction depends on their technical characteristics.

For the construction of load-bearing walls (pillars, poles) stones from volcanic rocks and hard sandstones are used. Compressive strength, stones is 15-200 MPa, while the tensile strength is more than 10 times lower. Stones of less weight (volumetric weight), porous, have better thermal properties, they are less hard and easier to handle, however, they show lower compressive strength and higher water absorption.

A significant advantage of stones is their resistance to weather conditions. The most resistant to these factors are granites, sjenity i bazalty. Limestone stones should not be used in the construction of foundations and basement walls.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of natural stones, it should not be used on the external walls of buildings intended for people or animals, on the other hand, these stones can be used for cladding walls, plinths, pillars, stairs. Granites are best suited for the cladding, syenites and hard sandstones.

The stones in the walls are joined with a cement or cement-lime-foam mortar.

Stone crushed from various rocks is used to make construction concretes of any class.