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Steel products

Steel products

The following steel products are used in construction: sections, sheet metal, pipes, bars for concrete reinforcement, rolled bars, sheet metal products and special profiles. The figure shows the standard profiles of hot-rolled steel bars.

tmpe048-1 Hot rolled steel profiles: a) round bar, b) square bar, c) hexagonal rod, d) flat bar (flat bar), e) isosceles angle, f) unequal angle, g) I-beam, h) channel, i) tee, j) Z-profile.

I-sections are mainly used as bending beams. Poles are made of T-bars, roof purlins and beams. The tees are manufactured in 2 types; high and low wide feet, whose height is equal 1/2 belt width. Z-profiles are most often used as roof purlins, due to the high stiffness in the direction of both axes of symmetry.

Angles are produced in two versions: isosceles and non-isosceles.

Beams are made of steel sheets (tinny) and columns most often with I-section or box sections.

In addition to the aforementioned range of steel products, welded I-beams are produced in steel mills, and in construction factories - openwork beams. In addition, cold-bent sections are made of sheets.