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Waterproofing insulating materials

Waterproofing insulating materials

Asphalt roofing felt and liquid bituminous materials are used for anti-moisture insulation.

Depending on the raw materials used, asphalt sheets are divided into: insulating, undercoat and for top covering. Asphalt sheets are obtained by impregnating cardboard or technical fabrics with asphalt mass.

Roofing felt is also used for anti-moisture insulation works:

- asphalt with a top layer of aluminum foil (copper),

- asphalt with a layer of aluminum foil, coated with mineralized asphalt on both sides,

- asphalt based on technical fabrics coated on both sides with asphalt mass and sprinkled with mineral dust.

Papers based on aluminum foil are used for the upper layers of roofing and for anti-moisture insulation.. Papers based on technical fabrics are used for waterproofing in structures exposed to shocks and dams, where displacements or cracks in the structure may occur.

Asphalt emulsions are used for anti-moisture insulation, pasty, asphalt solutions, sticky and putty.