Construction services



Wood is a raw material obtained from felled wood. From wood you can get: round logs, halves (amphibians), quarters, squares, bale, boards, patches, slats and poles made of trunks of teenage trees.

Conifers are most widely used in construction: pine, spruce and fir.

Wood made of various trees, and even from different parts of the trunk, it has different technical characteristics. The strength of the wood is influenced: species and type of wood, humidity, wood defects, etc..

Wood shows the highest compressive and tensile strength then, when force acts along the fibers. The compressive strength of wood along the grain is approx. 16-26 MPa, and a tensile strength of approx. 8-24 MPa. The tensile strength across the fibers is 2-7% strength along the fibers.

Knots are among the defects of wood, eccentric core, twist of fibers, cracks and trunk convergence. Wooden pieces with knots in size 1/3 side widths show strength by approx. 30-40% lower than knotless elements.

Wood is used in temporary summer and residential construction. In individual housing construction, roof trusses are made of wood, woodwork, stairs.

Large amounts of wood are used for the construction of scaffolding and formwork in concrete works.