How cool to equip a living room?

How cool to equip a living room?

We are converting an ordinary room into a living room, i need a new tv and home theater. I have never had such a home theater system so I do not know what are the best and rtv for it and for the console and discs, because the TV will hang on the wall. I would like to somehow illuminate the TV wall so that it does not adversely affect the displayed image. Besides, there was only one main overhead lighting, and I would like to make more light sources, I am waiting for suggestions or sconces or suspend the ceiling, which is now fashionable. Still the size of the tv, does anyone know how to calculate the approximate size to make it appropriate.

In terms of RTV equipment, LED TVs are the most popular 43 inch, I think, that it is worth taking 3d because in some time the number of broadcasts and movies in this system may increase and it will be a lot of fun. When it comes to home theater, it's a set 5 plus one is probably the best, and I would also take a blu-ray player because I have the impression that in some time most of the discs will be recorded in this and ordinary DVDs may turn out to be useless.

To illuminate the TV, I suggest installing LED strips with a delicate power in the recess.
When it comes to lighting for the living room, I suggest a suspended ceiling and the placement of oval or rectangular recessed luminaires. Tilting fixtures work very well, because we can direct the light where we need it most.

A beautiful living room is a showcase for all visitors to our apartment. We can install all the most important equipment and works of art in it. However, we should remember not to clutter it excessively. Let's remember that a guest entering our salon should. Those who enter our apartment, seeing its decor, must see our character and our personalities when looking at our living room. When designing a living room, it is worth using the sense of a talented photographer who will be able to help us in designing the interior in an artistic way. A photographer in Warsaw, together with an interior designer, will use their skills to show us ourselves when designing the interior of the living room.

I especially like screens in the recess, highlighted from above. The light forms a frame of light around the TV set.