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Roof construction

slope roofRoof structure in harmony with the building
Shape, the type and function of the roof must always be considered in the context of the entire building. It has a fundamental influence on the way of arranging and using the attic space. Taking into account the economic considerations, the roof should be as uniform as possible with a compact structure. The measure of calculating this compactness is the ratio of all external surfaces Z to the encapsulated volume V, i.e. Z / V – the lower the value the better. In practice, this means: the smallest possible roof area, avoidance of unnecessary jumps and peaks. Additional superstructures are also included – in addition to increasing the surface area – more gaps and the so-called. geometric thermal bridges, and this increases energy consumption. The simplicity of the roof is therefore a prerequisite for maintaining a good energy balance.

The angle of the slope affects the arrangement of the attic
The angle of the roof slope and the height of the knee wall have a significant impact on the use of the attic space. According to the angle of inclination, a specific type of roofing material is also selected, e.g.. wooden shingles require a slope of 39-51 °, papa 1-25°, sheet metal over 12 °, and ceramic and cement tiles up to 45 °. Using the space under the roof for residential purposes requires a series of works. The most important thing is proper insulation not only for the winter period, but also summer to protect against heat. There are different ways to insulate your attic. Next to the roof insulation from the outside, so on the rafters, can also be insulated from the inside between the rafters. Both methods are effective in terms of thermal insulation and acoustics, however, they require careful execution. Mineral wool is used for external roof insulation, fibreboards or thermal insulation boards made of stiffened polyurethane foam.

Pre-planning is important
Designers and companies involved in the construction of single-family houses offer various roof superstructures. Before deciding to buy a particular home or plan, the form of the roof and the use of the attic should be carefully considered. The cost of making one dormer is very high, roughly around 1/30 house construction prices, if there are more of these windows, then the costs go up. However, costs are only one of the deciding factors in choosing the right roof. Only considering all aspects will make it easier to make the right decision.