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Filling the joints of ceramic tiles

Filling the joints of ceramic tiles

If it has passed since sticking the tiles on the wall 48 hours, you can proceed to filling the joints with a special mass (grouting). Admittedly, the joint compound can be purchased ready-made, however, it will be more sparing to use powder, spread with water to the consistency of cream.

You can also buy a ready-made colored joint compound, a dye added to the powder or a special paint for painting the joints. Tam, where necessary, use a waterproof binder (they are also used on tiled tables, requiring frequent washing of dirt).

Joint filling

1 Using a damp sponge or a rubber squeegee, apply the binder to the tiles by pressing them deep into the joints.
2 When the entire surface is covered with binder, even out the joints with a small stick.