Plate buildings – prefabricated buildings part 2

tmp65b9-1tmpf640-1Details of the structure of the Swedish type building: a) vertical section, b), c) horizontal sections Walls, d), e) call details, 0 sheet metal fittings; 1 - brickworking, 2 - air gap, 3 - plaster board, 4 - outer layer of thermal insulation, 5 - posts of the load-bearing structure, 6 - inner layer of thermal insulation, 7 - vapor-tight screen (foil), 8 - wooden patches, 9 - inner layer of thermal insulation, 10 - plaster board. 11 - external formwork, 12 - wooden patch, to which the formwork is nailed, 13 - wooden glued element, 14 - a tube for draining water from the slot, 15 - ventilation. 16 - floor, 17 - insulation, 18 - concrete, 19 - coarse gravel. Single fraction ", 20 - drain drain.

The figure shows a different type of structure of a single-family Swedish-type building.
The load-bearing structure of the building is made of wall panels, the skeleton of which are posts and bolts made of wooden logs or glued boards and ceiling slabs. Wooden elements (maybe, poles, rygle) are joined with nails using sheet metal fittings. The walls of the building may be bricked or lined with boards from the outside. The wall is connected to the wooden structure with stainless steel anchors.

There is approx. 2 cm air gap connected to the outside environment. Water drainage holes are left in the wall above the foundation, which, in strong diagonal rains, may penetrate the wall into the gap. The outer cover of the wall made of gypsum board provides mainly fire protection.