Frame walls made of logs, part 2

The ways of connecting logs used in American-type frame buildings are shown in the figure.

tmp1d8c-1Log connection details: a) rafters in the ridge, b) floor beams and sills, c) corner posts with a foundation; 1 — krokiew, 2 - ceiling beam, 3 - cap, 4 - foundation, 5 - pole, 6 - roof boards.

In the horizontal plane, the building is stiffened with floor boards. For this, the first layer of boards, the so-called. blind floor, is nailed to the beams at an angle of 45 °, while the second layer is perpendicular. In recent years, hard boards made of wood-based materials have been used instead of sub-plank floors.

If planed boards are to be the external texture of the walls, nailed vertically, the underlay must be horizontal, if, on the other hand, the underlay is vertical, it is the outer boards that are nailed horizontally. The method of connecting the boards horizontally and vertically is shown in the drawing. The external finish may also be a cement-lime plaster, ceramic tiles etc..

tmp7c65-1External formwork: a) horizontal formwork with an overlay, b), c) horizontal formwork on the rebate, d) vertical formwork with joint covering.

From the inside, the walls can be finished with mats, slat or reed, gypsum plasterboards, etc..