Timber frame walls, part 4

tmp3c7e-1Details of external walls: a) wall with exterior plank trim, b) wall with an exterior brick finish; 1 - floor beams, 2, 3 - brick wall with a front board, 4 - foundation, 5 - pole, 6 - thermal isolation, 7 - inner plate, e.g.. plaster, 8 - external wall plate, 9 — papa, 10 - formwork, 11 - brick wall, 12 - Floor plate, 13 - finishing layer, 14 - Floor strips, 15 - anchor bolt.

The figure above shows the fragments of external walls with insulation and finishing layers. In the space between the poles, mineral wool insulation is laid. The thickness of the insulating layer is smaller than that of the column, and therefore there is an air gap between the insulating layer and the external boarding of the thickness 1-2 cm. A plywood or wooden board is nailed to the posts from the outside, to which the insulating tar paper is attached. The texture layer can be made of boards or made of ceramic bricks with a thickness 12 cm (rys.b). The brick wall is anchored to the wall with flat bars. There is an air gap between the brick and the roofing felt, approx. 2 cm.

On the inside, the mineral wool insulation is covered with a vapor barrier, and then boards made of wood-based materials are nailed to the posts, on which texture layers are applied, e.g.. wallpaper.

The figure shows the fragments of the roof truss for a flat and steep roof as well as a detail of the roof covering at the eaves together with the finish..

tmp3c7e-2Roof construction details: a) detail of a flat roof solution, b) detail of the solution of the slope roof, c) detail of the eaves solution; 1 - ceiling or flat roof beams, 2 - purlin, 3 — krokiew, 4 - external wall cap, 5 - pole, 6 - eaves solution in the corner, 7 - eaves board, 8, 9 - floor and wall slabs, 10 - roof panels or boards, 11 - roofing felt insulation, 12 - roofing, 13 - gutter.