Sloping roofs – suspension structures

tmp21ff-1Single-pitched suspension roof with a claw-purlin structure with braces.

Roofs on buildings, in which the walls are not covered with a structural ceiling can be solved as the so-called. suspension roofs, where the trusses rest only on the structural walls.

Suspension trusses are made in a truss in every 4th or every 5th pair of rafters. There are single and double-hanging trusses.

• A single-riser truss consists of braces, hanger, tie, rafters, purlins and swords. The struts work in compression, tensile hanger, ties for stretching and bending. The swords brace the hangers with the ridge purlin along the length of the truss.

• Two-hanger truss, except for struts, two hangers and a tie has a compression strut and tongs covering and bracing hangers with rafters.