Light steel skeleton

tmp1e3-1Frame wall structure elements made of cold-formed galvanized steel profiles – fragment of the projection and view.

Steel, compared to other building materials, has the best strength and construction parameters, allowing less material consumption and shaping larger spans without intermediate supports. The steel frame made of cold-rolled galvanized steel sections is non-flammable, resistant to biodegradation, the action of insects and rodents.

However, the specificity of steel, being a good heat conductor, it forces the use of solutions, which eliminate the so-called. thermal bridges. In the light steel skeleton technology, it is recommended to use external façade claddings (e.g.. warming with the "light-wet" method ), which separate structural elements from the external environment or introduce spacers in the wall stratification which interrupt the linear nature of thermal bridges (e.g.. additional insulation between the Z profiles perpendicular to the posts).