Articulation solutions

Different solutions of articulated joints are used depending on the span and shape of the arches. For the arch span l ≥ 40,0 m supports in the shape of spherical bearings should be used.

Spherical bearing; 1 - bow, 2 - bolts and dowels, 3 - hardware, 4 - pin, 5 - kotew, 6 - bearing plate, 7 - foundation.

The construction of the connections in the ridge boss depends on the size of the longitudinal and transverse forces in the cross section of the ridge. The figure shows three types of joints.

Design of joints in the keystone of arches and three-joint frames: a), b), c) design details of the joints; 1 - bow (bolt), 2 - hardware, 3 - spacer, 4 -overlay, 5 - pin, 6 - stiffening, 7 - screw.

Apart from the presented solutions of wooden structures consisting mainly of flat structures - trusses, girders, arches and frames - there are also single surface cover solutions- and two-curvature.

Mesh vault: a) view, b) vertical section, c) plan view with details of elements placement, d) typical element, e) detail of the connection of elements, f) connection of elements with the front hatch; 1 - mesh of the vault, 2 - download, 3 - head beam, 4 - frontal arch, 5 - screw, 6 - hanger.

Interesting solutions include mesh vaults, which have the shape of a parallelogram arranged according to the surface of the cylinder. The span of the vaults is approx. 25 m. The mesh is made of elements connected with bolts. Compressive forces occurring in the elements of the vault are transferred to the head beam, while the tensile forces are taken over by the ties. The end of the vault - the gable edges - are arches made of double or triple boards connected with nails. In order to increase the stiffness of the vault, the gable arches are based on walls or diaphragms made in the form of trusses.. The roof covering is placed on the vault structure.