What to do if the owner does not want to give a deposit

The owner does not want to give a deposit – what to do?

The beginning of the holiday is often associated with students leaving their apartments in different cities and returning to their homes. Most often everything can be done very quickly. Sometimes, however, there are problems and the owner does not want to give a deposit, because he thinks, that the apartment is not in such a state, in which it was rented. Sometimes just the owner wants to earn on students and refresh the apartment for their money, because, after all, such matters are mostly not escalated and everyone wants to settle it amicable. How to protect yourself from such a scam?

Before you think of the apartment, you need to take pictures of every angle in the apartment – everything you can (ideally if we have such pictures from the, when we entered the apartment). Next, you need to prepare a document of the sentence of the apartment, where you should write, that the apartment was given in the same condition as it was rented. If the owner signs the document (you need 2 versions always!), we have nothing to worry about, because he confirmed with a signature, that everything is fine.

If he still does not want to give bail, it is enough to refer the case to the e-court on the government website. It is easy to find on the web. Referral is very cheap, you need to document everything well. Most often, the owner is afraid of the referral to the e-court and gives the deposit sooner. May this be the case!